HALO® Laser Treatment

HALO is a high-end skin resurfacing laser that operates using two distinct wavelengths (ablative and non-ablative) to target your skin concerns on multiple levels to improve skin texture and clarity, improve visible signs of skin aging (fine lines and wrinkles), discoloration, the appearance of pores, acne scars, and even help delay or eliminate the need for surgical procedures. Patients experience 3 to 4 days of mild swelling and erythema immediately following treatment. After the first 24 hours, the treated skin will begin to slough off as new healthy skin comes to the surface. You may experience social downtime for a few days but can resume normal daily activities as desired.

Over the years, sun exposure and the wear and tear of everyday living can result in visible signs of aging. This includes sun spots, fine lines, and loss of your natural and healthy glow. HALO uses laser technology to eliminate years of damage by triggering your body’s natural healing response to reveal the luminous glow you had when you were younger!

Before Halo

After 1 Halo