Botox® Cosmetic


Botulinism is the most common cosmetic procedure performed in the United States. There is good reason for this…it works beautifully at reducing wrinkles and dynamic lines. It is a safe and virtually painless procedure and requires no downtime. In its fifth decade of use, Botox is an effective treatment for dynamic lines formed with muscle movement.

Commonly injected areas include:
Frown lines (the “11’s”between the eyebrows)
Crow’s feet (smile lines around eyes)
Dimpled Chin
Horizontal forehead lines
Neck Bands
Vertical lip lines (“smoker’s” lines radiating around lips)
Botox Lip Flip
Gummy Smile Treatment
Masseters (facial contouring to give jaw a slimmer appearance)
Bunny Lines (lines across the bridge of the nose)

Results are seen in days, and last about three months, and repeat treatments can lengthen the effective period. There is no risk of botulinism, and side effects besides occasional bruising are rare.

Before & After Botox

Reduce lines between brows and many other areas with Botox.